Alison Seidel
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Alison Seidel With a combined experience of
more than 75 years,
Friedlieb Fox McLeod Solicitors can meet
all of your legal needs.
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Alison Seidel

Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts/Law from the University of Wollongong and a Master of Law from the University of Sydney.

Alison has extensive experience negotiating and litigating in a diverse range of practice areas and can advise and represent you in:

  • AVOs and ADVOs
  • Civil law claims including:
    1. Debt recovery
    2. Commercial and building disputes
    3. Employment law
    4. Consumer law disputes
    5. Motor vehicle accidents
  • Criminal law matters including:
    1. minor criminal offences including assaults
    2. drink driving offences
    3. general traffic offences
    4. drug related offences

Alison is committed to achieving advantageous and efficient outcomes for clients.She provides practical and comprehensive advice, keeping her clients informed of their rights and progress of their matters.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call (02) 6921 1733 or email your enquiry here.

Matt and his team are an absolute god-send. They supported me through each painstaking step of my case. I truly felt supported as they set my world right again. I really cannot praise Matt enough for all his efforts!


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